Manage My Property

We offload you of the main concerns related to the management of your property.

We take care of the obligations and the daily rental management activities falling into the responsibility of the owners. We become the single point of contact between your tenants, the corporate associations, your trustee and the administration authorities concerning your real estate property.

Delegating the rental management of your property means ensuring the defense of your interests in a transparent way and without unpleasant surprises:
  • Technically: no significant commitment related to your property is taken without your prior consent.
  • Concerning unpaid rent: our priority is to follow up the collection of rents. We guarantee to follow up the due date of payments, as well as a payment reminder policy.
  • Financially: we set up a periodical income and expenses statement related to your property that we send afterwards to you.

Rates: Our fees oscillate between 5 and 10% of the rental income, according to the type of property, the rent collected and its location. Contact us to request an offer!

Our commitments:

  • Guarantee a carefree real estate management
  • Limit rent-free periods
  • Reduce the risk of unpaid rent
  • Ensure a management transparent at 100 %: a regular activity report with supporting documents